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The forces were divided into three presidency armies: There was no common purpose among the rebels. They showed contempt in their dealing with the Indians. So basically one set of event which led to the entire revolt cannot escape both the title and justifying one would be somehow unjust according to me.

For half a century after the writing on the uprising were basically confined to British observers and scholars. They had to cross the seas. As the rebellion gained ground, the taluqdars quickly reoccupied the lands they had lost, and paradoxically, in part because of ties of kinship and feudal loyalty, did not experience significant opposition from the peasant farmers, many of whom joined the rebellion, to the great dismay of the British.

So the educated Indians who expected to get gainful employment in the service of the company were disappointed. Consequently, these soldiers dined in separate facilities; in addition, overseas service, considered polluting to their caste, was not required of them, and the army soon came officially to recognise Hindu festivals.

The Indians disliked and distrusted the administration of the British. The British Crown took over the administration. But this kind of outbreak happened only when the soldiers were given cartridges which had a coating of grease that was made up of Cow and Pig fat.

Naturally they lost their interest. India in andshowing East India Company-governed territories in pink India in andshowing East India Company-governed territories in pink Although the British East India Company had established a presence in India as far back as[24] and earlier administered the factory areas established for trading purposes, its victory in the Battle of Plassey in marked the beginning of its firm foothold in eastern India.

They may be classified as political, administrative, economic, social, religious, military and immediate causes. However, in order to forestall any social friction, the Company also took pains to adapt its military practices to the requirements of their religious rituals.

He was arrested, tried and executed.

The Sepoy Mutiny Essay Sample

The findings of the inquiry saw the British place certain racial groups out of favour, while providing greater acceptance of others. The lack of resources both in trained men and money made the rebels to give up the struggle on many occasions.

The economic exploitation of the country, the huge drain of wealth and the disappearance of the native industries dislocated the economic life of the people in India.

In their place the office of the Secretary of State for India was created. She was one of the greatest patriots of India. They turned against the British. The border dispute between Nepal and British India, which sharpened afterhad caused the Anglo-Nepalese War of —16 and brought the defeated Gurkhas under British influence.

The British treated the Indians as conquered people. The Indian weavers and handicraftsmen were forced to work according to the desires of the servants of the company. Choose the correct answer 1.

Then they marched to Delhi on 11 May and brought it under their control. Pupil gains knowledge about the political, administrative, economic, social, religious and military causes for the outbreak of the Revolt of The cartridges were greased by animal fat. They imposed heavy protective duties in Britain while British goods were imported into India at a nominal duty.

The troops of Nana Saheb were led by a loyal and gallant leader Tantia Tope. As each side of the debate is so fixed in their opinion on this subject that no consensus ever seems likely to be reached.

Peshwa Baji Rao II 7. So in conclusion, I say that both the labels so awarded to Revolt of are true and correct in their own sense and I support both of them. It assured some privileges to Indians.

The policy of ruthless conquests in India was given up. The economic policies of the East India Company were also resented by many Indians.


The regiments in Meerutrose in open revolt on 10 May They used this argument as a means of further control and repression of the Indian people after The lack of resources both in trained men and money made the rebels to give up the struggle on many occasions.

But the great revolt of was the most important one. The terms of the Subsidiary treaties signed by Wellesley with different rulers were never honoured unless it suited the British interests.The Sepoy Mutiny The mutiny of the Sepoy (native troops in the British army) began on May 10,when Indian soldiers who had been placed in irons for refusing to accept new cartridges were rescued by their comrades.

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The Indian Rebellion of occurred as the result of an accumulation of factors over time, rather than any single event. The sepoys were Indian soldiers who were recruited into the Company's army.

Just before the rebellion, there were oversepoys in the army, compared to about 50, rjphotoeditions.comon: India. The Sepoy Mutiny ofFree Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Aug 06,  · country. The British Government, after the Sepoy Mutiny was crushed, did not repudiate and they could redo an The Naval Mutiny at Bombay further reinforced Words: — Pages: 6 Revolt f can also clearly be visualized.

Revolt of 1857 Essay Sample

The sepoy mutiny of 18 57, however, "marked the mighty British power. Essay on The Indian Mutiny of Causes and Consequences - The Indian Mutiny of Causes and Consequences Under the administration of the Marquess of Dalhousie (Governor-General ), the last of the independent Indian states, including the wealthy Muslim state of Oudh, were annexed by the British.

Sepoy mutiny of 1857 essay help
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