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A couple of years later she taught English and Latin at Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Jim Burden is one of the more complex characters that any one reader will ever encounter.

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And there was so much motion in it; the whole country seemed, somehow, to be running. The idea of you is a part My antonia essay research paper my mind; you influence my likes and dislikes, all my tastes, hundreds of times when I don't realize it.

The hours were long and the breaks few so when she did get to go out, 'Antonia and her friends create quite a reputation for themselves.

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She does this by working on her farm as well as the other farms in the area. Despite some poor decisions, Antonia ends up happy and content with her life. The feeling that is conveyed through the introduction is one that leans very heavily on the fact that Jim sees Antonia as much more than a friend but more so as a mother.

And this journey into a dream-like land seems to be a return to his lost world, the realm of the Imaginary before the coming of the Symbolic Order. So even when Jim moves away, Antonia is right there. There was a curious social situation in Black Hawk.

These novels express her deep love of the land and her distaste for the materialism and conformism of modern life. Years later, 'Antonia is found in Hastings, Nebraska, married with eleven children.

The respect for responsibility was stronger than any desire in Black Hawk youth. The free Literature research paper My Antonia essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. Gardener seemed like the typical business man, the way her mannerisms were cold, socialized little, kept rules and was constantly making sure that everything was Since she is one of the eldest in the family, she must now work to put food on their table.

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I will attempt to show the theme and how this time era is different from what we are used to living today. Antonia, in spite of her difficulties with her family and her first attempt at marriage, does achieve a real and satisfactory life. This is why she finds love that she is content with, and Jim goes through life and never marries his "soul mate," so the marriage is meaningless to him.

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I was entirely happy. The burdens that she had to carry were not meant for her shoulders. Explain how these choices cause change at various points of her life.

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Jim's journey into the great prairie of North America might be seen as the reunion of Mother and Child--the return to one's origins, the memory of childhood experience. The first section also shows us how Antonia and Jim first meet and how fate throws them together at the beginning.

They braved the ordeals of prairie life for many years until they found comfort and established themselves in a new land. Cather died on April 24, in New York. Before going to Harvard, Jim goes back to his home town and pays a visit to 7/4/ MY ANTONIA INTRODUCTION 'My Antonia' was written by Willa Cather; and almost possesses an autobiographical elementto it, because the author was born and brought in the settings she uses in the novel.

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